Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Insurance companies balking at personalized medications

So-called personalized medicine -- tailoring treatments to an individual's genetic traits -- is showing great promise, but insurance companies are balking on paying for the very costly medications.

Free Health Insurance For Illegal Aliens

The governor of the nation’s most populous state wants taxpayers to finance a $400 million plan that features health insurance for illegal immigrants in addition to a costly state program for the impoverished that already helps them.

Crop Insurance Efficiently Delivered

The federal crop insurance program is a unique public-private partnership that combines the financial resources of the federal government with the operating efficiency of private sector insurance companies, reinsurers and thousands of ...

Cochlear Implants, Parents, And Insurance

I've made an interesting observation about today's deaf students lately. It seems half of the school's student population have CIs.

Business Insurance Needs

One of the most daunting and misunderstood aspects of running a small business has always been choosing insurance to protect you and your business.

Insurance Claim Advice

Labor Member for Lyons, Heather Butler MHA today outlined steps people could take if they were unsatisfied with insurance company assessments or limitations contained in company fine print.

Insurance Agent Productivity through Rule driven Automation

Well, wishing all you bloggers out there a happy new year. I was reading Jacques Kemp, and here he has written about Agent Productivity and Retention. Some excerpts here.

Mortgage Insurance Slated For Tax Deduction

Years in the making, a federal tax deduction for mortgage insurance is all but assured after bills which include the provision were passed last month by both the House of Representatives and the US Senate.

Insurance Claim Codes

There are separate and distinct coverage sections of a homeowners insurance policy (ie Dwelling, Contents, Liability, etc.) The cause of loss and facts of a damage loss claim filed against a homeowners insurance policy by the insured ...!3AEDC10CD878C3DF!112.entry

Life Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Insurance Questions. Ms. Sanders. ELE Wealth Management. Director of Insurance. Question and Answers:. Why do I need insurance? To protect your family in the event of an untimely death.